I'm Sorry

I'm sorry emoticon11 i constantly :13:want to talk blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comto you  I'm sorry emoticon11 when you take long time blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com to reply:54:I'm sorry emoticon11 if i say blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comthings that might blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com piss you off :face23: I'm sorry emoticon11 if i come off :face28: as annoying blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com I'm sorry emoticon11 if you don't:22: wanna talk blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comto me as much blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com as i wanna talk blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comto you  I'm sorry emoticon11 if think about you to much blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com and to often:a1: I' sorry emoticon11 if i tell you about my pointless :face60: drama when you don't:22: really care  I'm sorry emoticon11 i come off as being clingy :face62:but its just :face37: me missing you:face41: